Northanger Abbey | Austen, Jane
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Northanger Abbey | Austen, Jane

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Northanger Abbey By Jane Austen tells the story of a young girl, Catherine Morland who leaves her sheltered, rural home to enter the busy, sophisticated world of Bath in the late 1790s.

Catherine meets Henry Tilney, a young clergyman, and his sister Eleanor, with whom she is anxious to become better acquainted.

John thwarts her in this desire, and Isabella and James aide him in deceptions aimed at keeping her away from Henry and Eleanor. After Isabella and James are engaged, Isabella doubles her efforts to interest Catherine in her beloved brother. Although Catherine loves her friend dearly, she cannot extend this love to John, whom she knows in her heart to be an indolent, undesirable young man. 

While James is at home arranging for an allowance so that he and Isabella can be married, Henry Tilney's brother, Captain Tilney, appears on the scene. He is as worldly as Isabella and, even more important to her, extremely wealthy. Catherine is a little disturbed by the manner in which Isabella conducts herself with Captain Tilney, but she is too loyal to her friend to suspect her of being unfaithful to James.

Author(s): Austen, Jane

Publisher: Chiltern Publishing

Date Published: 01/10/2019

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 256

Language: en_US

ISBN-13: 9781912714278

ISBN: 1912714272

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